Which Type of Flooring Best Suits Your Kitchen?

So you’re considering picking out new flooring for your kitchen renovation project, or maybe you’re just wondering what benefits your current flooring has, if any. Either way, it’s helpful to know the pros and cons of different common flooring materials utilized in kitchens. Here are just a few of the most common flooring types and what you ought to know about them if you’re looking into implementing new flooring when you schedule your kitchen remodeling project in Bucks County.

Linoleum – A common flooring material in many kitchens, the appeal in linoleum lies in its resilience to wear and tear from everyday elements and low maintenance. Linoleum is made from renewable materials and doesn’t contain any volatile organic compounds either. Its main drawback is the fact that it stains rather easily, so it needs a protective coating to keep up its appearance. 

Porcelain – Perhaps the lowest maintenance option out there, porcelain tiles are desired for their durability and resistance to liquid spills. It can be very visually appealing with a range in looks from glazed finishes to give it a glass-like appearance in a variety of colors or left to its natural, earthy ceramic tones. There aren’t too many drawbacks to a porcelain tile floor, which is why it’s typically used in restaurant kitchens, so it really boils down to if you find it aesthetically pleasing.

Hardwood – Classy and very visually appealing, hardwood is pretty much the only way to go if you want a cohesive look to an open floor plan so that there isn’t a sudden open and garish change in flooring underfoot when traversing through your home. Finished hardwood is more durable and resistant to damage from spills and moisture than the unfinished option and thus is always recommended. However, even with finished hardwood, it’s important to be vigilant about cleaning up any spills immediately and to keep an eye out for potential sources of long-term moisture exposure. 

Sheet vinyl – Another popular option, sheet vinyl, is yet another resilient and low maintenance style of flooring that many homeowners opt for. It’s highly waterproof, and unlike linoleum, it’s very stain resistant as well. Like glazed porcelain, it has a myriad of stylistic options for patterns and colors. It absorbs impact well, so it’s less harsh on dropped fragile objects, and all-in-all is very inexpensive as well. 

Stone – In recent years, stone tile flooring has become very popular for its visual appeal that can really bring a kitchen’s look together. Granite and marble are the most popular options, but other materials such as limestone and slate are also available depending on the visual look you’re going for with your kitchen design, or if you’re going for longevity over appearances. If a stone tiling look is something you’re considering going for, then you definitely want to look into the properties of each sort of stone you could use. Marble is the most popular for looks but it is also the most prone to wear and damage and can be costly to maintain. Materials like granite might not have the same luxurious polished appeal but certainly can last far longer with less upkeep involved. 

If you’re still struggling to decide what flooring material would suit your kitchen best, or you simply need reliable, professional help to manifest that dream floor your kitchen needs, the esteemed experts at FINE Cabinetry Kitchen & Bath Co. are here to meet and surpass your expectations in kitchen and bathroom design in Bucks County. With flexible and affordable rates and decades of experienced expertise, we are who you can rely on.