Bathroom Remodeling & Design Companies in Bucks County, PA

Our Bathroom Remodeling Experts Give You All the Remodeling Expertise, Product Knowledge and Exciting Design Ideas to Transform Your Bathroom

Let FINE Cabinetry Kitchen & Bath Co. help you transform an existing bathroom into something magnificent. We have a customized solution for every client, whether you have a precise picture in your mind of what you desire, or you need our bath designers to show you what is available.

Trust that FINE Cabinetry Kitchen & Bath Co.’s contractors and designers in Bucks County have your best interests in mind as they customize your remodeling plan. As a company we dedicate ourselves to the highest level of customer service!

Renovation Services

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Our bathroom makeovers in Bucks County, Pennsylvania take your bathroom and revitalize it with a custom design that fits your taste. We take the best in baths and toiletry and combine it with fine cabinetry that accommodates preferences. Our company also installs some of the finest vanity cabinets in Bucks County.

Deciding to design and remodel a bathroom is simple. However, choosing the right style, materials and hardware may prove difficult. Styles vary from diverse categories like contemporary, traditional, modern and transitional to more specialized styles such as Victorian, Country, or European.

We make each phase as simple and quick as possible to give you the bathroom of your dreams. You can feel confident knowing that your full project will be completed on time and within budget for all of your large and small bathroom renovation ideas. Contact us to set up your free, in-home design services consultation.

small bathroom remodeling servicesFINE Cabinetry Kitchen & Bath Co. has some of the finest contractors and designers working within their business. Our personal, customized approach sets our company aside from other design and remodeling companies. If you want to sell your home and need a bathroom that will get you a return on your investment, we have all the necessary services.

Why Remodeling Your Bathroom is the Right Decision

  • Home Value: Outdated, inadequate, or small bathrooms will affect the value of your home. First impressions go a long way. According to a survey taken from 2010 – 2011, the majority of your bathroom remodeling investment can be recouped in savings within the first year. In other words, our bathroom remodeling contractors can provide upgrades to increase the value of your home, more than what you spend.
  • Repairs and Upgrades: As your home ages, high traffic areas like bathrooms can show signs of wear, damage, and aging. Styles change; fixtures wear out, and your needs may have evolved. Previous owners may have installed cheap cabinets, shower units or fixtures. Now is the time to get what you need and want.
  • More Space and Better Use of Space: Large bathrooms are certainly a trend. Enlarging your small bathroom will make it more appealing to potential buyers, as well as providing a better area. Our designers can work with you in planning an open floor plan, better layout, and new options.
  • Safety: Significant advances in both engineering and materials used in the home have improved bathroom safety and accessibility. Products like anti-scaling temperature control valves, bathtub handles, and other accessories can greatly increase your safety.
  • Luxury and Convenience: If you simply want a more attractive, easier to clean, and comfortable bathroom, we offer soaker tubs, new countertops and fixtures, better storage solutions, larger showers, and exciting colors to make your bathroom a relaxing and pleasurable place in your home.

FINE Cabinetry Kitchen & Bath Co. has designers and contractors throughout Bucks County providing the finest in complete remodeling and redesigning services. We proudly offer our full remodeling services to companies and residences in and around Bucks County!

Through our comprehensive remodeling and design services around Bucks County, we at FINE Cabinetry Kitchen & Bath Co. guarantee to make your bathroom or kitchen both appealing and valuable. Call us today at 215-392-4584 and set up a Free In-Home Consultation.

Are you ready to make your bathroom better? Call us today at 215-392-4584 or set up a Free In-Home Consultation