How to Pick the Perfect Cabinet Style for Your Home

Cabinets are a major part of kitchen remodeling and design, both in cost and aesthetics. So, it pays to make a smart choice when it comes to picking your kitchen cabinet design. There are many important things to consider when faced with making this decision. With a little guidance, you’ll enjoy your kitchen without a smidgen of regret.

Start by examining what you like and what you don’t like about your current kitchen cabinets. Often identifying what we don’t like is easier than discovering what we do. It’s best to avoid the shortcomings of your kitchen’s present design. Some questions you should ask yourself: Is the cabinetry too dark, too bulky, lacking enough practical storage, or just plain boring? If there are things you do like about your present kitchen cabinets, then that is equally important to take into account when selecting new cabinet styles.

Next, look over remodeled kitchen photos for inspiration. Many kitchen cabinet designers also have showrooms where you can see samples of different cabinet styles. Your budget and size may limit your vision, but it’s easier to condense and edit design ideas than to lack inspiration.

Narrow down your design ideas to three or four style choices. From these choices, compare other design elements of the kitchen, such as paint color, flooring, appliances, and window treatments. You may fall in love with Victorian-style cabinets, but they may not blend well with your modern American kitchen. If you have a few other preferred choices, then you’ll avoid having a disharmonious kitchen.

From those narrowed down choices, determine what works in your budget. Examine the cabinet quality choices, being careful not to cut corners on cheaply made cabinets. You don’t want to go beyond your kitchen remodeling budget, but keep in mind that installation costs usually justify spending a little more money on a quality product that will last many years.