How to Maximize Space in a Small Bathroom

If you’ve ever hired a kitchen remodeling company in Bucks County to work on your home, you already know that remodeling can be a chore if you don’t do the proper planning. However, the reality is that whether you had your home built specifically for you or bought a house that was already constructed, some spaces won’t be optimal for how you actually use it.

While the kitchen is the place most people immediately think of when asked about inefficient space, the bathroom can create just as much of a problem. Bathrooms that are too small and poorly designed can add frustration and stress when at home, and that’s one of the last things anyone needs.

If your bathroom is too small for you, here are a few ways to make it work better for you:

Get Creative with Storage

Having a small bathroom might feel like your options for storage are limited. While this may be true for traditional kinds of storage like linen closets, there are plenty of other ways to include storage in your bathroom.

One option might be to hang hooks on the back of the door or install shelving above the door or over the toilet. In addition to getting creative with where to place a shelf, you can try extending the sink over the toilet to allow better storage for the items you use every day.

Leverage Décor to Your Advantage

While this option may not expand the space, there are plenty of ways to create a space that doesn’t feel small with the help of a little decoration.

Using mirrors strategically, for example, can help your bathroom feel like it’s a larger space than it is in reality. Other ways to improve the feel of your bathroom are to:

  • Install Alcoves in Your Shower: Having niches in your shower wall eliminates the need for bulky shower caddies.
  • Soften the Edges: One of the biggest items in your bathroom is your vanity, and eliminating the edges from it can help improve movement throughout your room.
  • Choose Darker Colors: In especially tight places that don’t have much natural light, it’s worth investing in darker styles to help increase the intimacy of the space.

Make Sure to Use Every Inch of Space

One of the most significant design issues that arise in small bathrooms is poor space utilization. Whether it’s choosing a traditional vanity, placing the vanity in the middle of the room, or choosing the wrong kind of shower, it’s easy to put yourself in a situation where your bathroom is working against you.

The good news? It’s pretty easy to fix.

For example, by positioning the vanity in a corner rather than in the middle of the room, you free up space in your small bathroom. You can free up even more space by swapping out your traditional door with a sliding door, which eliminates the need for space to allow it to open.

Finally, one of the biggest mistakes people make is assuming that a traditional shower and tub will work in their small bathroom. Instead, opt for a simple showerhead with glass walls enclosing your shower area. This kind of shower will make the space feel more expansive and limit the shower’s impact on your square footage.

If you’re thinking about updating the bathroom design of your Bucks County home or want more tips on how to make a small bathroom work for you, give the FINE Cabinetry Kitchen & Bath Co. team a call today!