A Look at Some of the Latest Trends in Kitchen Remodeling

It has been a year of adjustment for all of us. With the pandemic currently preventing us from enjoying our favorite activities, many people have begun spending more time at home. One of the most significant changes to our daily habits is the inability to eat out. Whether it was your favorite restaurant or the local sports bar, more than likely, you are missing the fun of enjoying eating a meal in public.

That said, many of us have turned to our kitchens as a refuge from the troubles of the world. Out of necessity, people are cooking more meals at home, and the kitchen has once again become the foundation of a family’s togetherness. This change in our habits is evident in the latest trends in kitchen design. 

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Here we will discuss some of the newest kitchen concepts for your home.

Brighten Up Your Kitchen and Your Day

As we previously mentioned, kitchens have returned to their glory of the mid-20th century. Parents are preparing more meals at home, and children may be doing their home-schooling at a countertop or kitchen table. What better way to help improve the look of your kitchen than adding light and brightening the room?

With the use of existing windows and upgrading current lighting fixtures, you can successfully combine task, ambient, and natural light to create a bright living space. The additional lighting should be functional and adaptable to the time of day. This will allow you to accommodate all aspects of your family’s kitchen activities.

Add Some Spice

As kitchens became less important, they also became less personal. A bland sterile environment is no place for your family to gather in.

Try adding some personal touches to your kitchen like custom flatware that can be displayed in glass cabinetry or on unused counter space. You can also add borders along ceilings or baseboards to add some spice. Finally, if you are painting the area, try to utilize bright colors and complementary accents to add a decorative touch that can warm the room’s environment.

Bring the Outside Inside

Natural tones and warm hues often remind people of the outdoors. Try and incorporate them into your kitchen design to create an inviting atmosphere. You can also combine natural elements with textural accents like subway tile backsplash to make your kitchen look modern while maintaining the organic aspect.

Going Retro

Just as the kitchen has surged back into importance in American homes, so has the trend of retro designs. If you are planning on remodeling your cooking space, try to incorporate farmhouse designs into your planning.

The farmhouse kitchen has always maintained a fanbase, yet recently it has once again become very popular. Vintage designs combined with period-correct accessories will create a cozy environment with plenty of visual appeal.

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