How to Organize and Glamorize Your Bathroom Cabinet

We get that your bathroom can get a bit messy. Between your shower walls, tile floors, mirrors, and cabinets, cleaning a bathroom is quite the monthly (or annual) chore. It doesn’t have to stay that way though. With some creativity, exploration, and small investments, you can organize and glamorize your bathroom, literally overnight.Afterward, you may even feel compelled to remodel your bathroom, with the aid of a contractor near Bucks County.

Assessing Your Bathroom

Now that we’re in an ambitious mood, why don’t we break down exactly what you have in your bathroom cabinet:

Bathroom Medicine Cabinet: Herein you may find a web of eye drops, antihistamines, shaving creams, and flossing supplies. We can easily clean out what we don’t need, and what we want to keep.

Bathroom Vanity: If you have more shampoo bottles down here than months in the year, you should think of recycling, or consolidating some of them.

Organizing by Bins

Start by calmly, and systemically taking everything out of your cabinet. Separate the combs, the toothpastes, lotions, and electronic devices. Once you’ve sorted between what you’ll discard or recycle, and what you’ll keep, you should think about storage. While you can simply and neatly rearrange everything in your medicine cabinet and vanity, how long do you honestly think it will stay neat and organized?

Small bins or tubs are ideal for storing and organizing your plethora of bathroom amenities. You can purchase what you need at a local store and still stay within a modest budget under $100 or $50. What you want to focus on is maximizing your vertical space. Having a label printer is also handy at this step, as a visual aid and convenience for you and any of your bathroom’s guests. A perfectly sized, and distinguishable collection of bins will bring you a great deal of relief.

Tips in the Aftermath

When we take the opportunity to clean out our bathrooms, we get a sense for how much space we truly have in there. One man’s hoard can be another man’s storage. If you still feel cramped after all that organizing, you should think about contacting a bathroom and kitchen remodeler in the Bucks County area. If you’re ready to get started, give us a call today.

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