Cramped to Spacious: 4 Remodel Ideas That Will Help Open Up Your Kitchen

Aside from the bathroom, the kitchen is one of the most used and essential rooms in the entire house. Functionality is the name of the game, yet this valuable consideration is often overlooked. Many kitchens feel small or cramped, making for a less-than-desirable cooking and dining experience. Is your kitchen feeling more like a closet than a place to handle food? Well, you’re in luck! Our kitchen design service in Bucks County can help you out without adding square footage.

Free Up Some Space

If there’s an adjoining wall that separates your kitchen and the dining room, consider having it removed. If you’re not willing to part with the whole wall, you can always have just a section of it taken out, creating an opportunity for a breakfast bar that doubles as dining space and a food prep area. Backless stools can be tucked underneath your new counter, providing additional seating options without getting in the way of foot traffic.

Cupboards can make an already tight kitchen feel even smaller. Instead, you can have your top cupboards replaced with open shelving to introduce a spacious feel without compromising a place to store dishes and glassware. If your kitchen has a dark color scheme, repainting with lighter colors can help make the room feel a bit more breezy and breathable.  

Consider an Updated Layout

Sometimes kitchen renovation is not always as simple as removing a wall. If you have no idea where to start, you may think about changing up the layout entirely. Consider going with a galley layout to make the space you have as efficient as it can be, with cabinetry and storage on one side and your appliances on the other. Matching your kitchen flooring to that of an adjoining room can also help make a kitchen feel larger without constructing an actual addition. 

Install New Lighting

A dimly lit kitchen with limited space can be a pain to work in. Recessed lighting is an effective way to save space, although it’s not your only option. Consider under-cabinet lighting to brighten up your existing counter space as well. Flush mount lighting can provide overhead light without making your kitchen space feel even more claustrophobic. 

Practice Storage Space Economy

Have pull-out shelves installed in your cabinets for easy access to pots and pans, or use wire racks to practically double space in your cupboards. Look into stacked cabinets, and have small cubbies or even a simple shelf installed in typically overlooked areas, like above your sink. Use wall space to hang cooking utensils or knives to help keep the counter clear. With detailed planning and a bit of innovation, the clever options are endless. By using every inch of the existing space, your kitchen will be a treat to use — instead of a burden.

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