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A great looking room starts with top quality, top performing counter tops. Choose from a wide variety of materials, colors and prices. We offer a full array of beautiful samples and displays in our showroom.

Granite Counter Tops

Currently the most popular of all grand counter tops, granite is a good choice for areas that get a lot of use. A wide variety of colors and variations allow you to choose the perfect slab.

Pros: Granite is great for hot items, spilled food and drinks and it tough against the occasional knife slice.

Cons: To maintain it’s top notch performance, Granite counter tops will need a periodic resealing for maximum protection from stains.

Soapstone Counter Tops

Soapstone is quickly becoming a popular choice in kitchens counter tops once again. With a cost comparable to other natural stone surfaces, soapstone is durable, tough and nearly maintenance free.

Pros: Soapstone isn’t porous, so it is very hard to stain. Not harmed by hot pans, fruit juices, acids or chemicals. Clean with ordinary cleaners.

Cons: Coating with mineral oil will enhance the natural darkening process, but not necessary.

Quartz Counter Tops

Quartz or engineered stone is a blend of stone chips, colorings and resins. Frequently used in high traffic areas at a lower cost than granite. The amount of colors and styles available are certainly a plus.

Pros: Rating highly on the “tough as nails” scale, quartz handles heat, knives and spilled items very well. One advantage over granite is that you can skip the sealing schedule and it’s waterproof.

Cons: Quartz can be a bit too uniform in look due to it’s manufacturing process, unlike natural stone. Choosing an edge that will chip less is important.

Butcher Block Tops

Popular in country kitchens, “cooks kitchens” and as a side decorative element, hardwood counter tops are usually maple but other woods are available.

Pros: The perfect choice for heavy food preparation or a non-stone look. Butcher block counter tops are easy to install and wear very well.

Cons: Hot pots and wood certainly don’t mix. A coating of mineral oil on a regular basis is recommended.

Marble Counter Tops

Marble counter tops are the classic stone choice.

Pros: Small nicks and scratches can be polished out.

Cons: While offering the classic look, marble has been known to chip or scratch easier than granite. Marble will need periodic sealing for maximum protection from stains.

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