Choosing The Right Type Of Wood For Your Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to choosing a type of wood for your kitchen cabinets, there’s literally a forest of options. Some woods are luxurious, some are inexpensive, some are hard, others are soft—the choices are nearly endless. This guide explores a few common choices to help you make a final decision.


Birch is a great choice if you want a more subtle, contemporary look. The grain is closely patterned, though wavier patterns are available if variation is more your style. Birch is usually light colored and lends itself well to staining or painting.


With a classic wide-grain look, oak is a very common choice for kitchen cabinets. Oak tends to the display the iconic wood texture, and for that reason, is used most commonly in rustic, traditional kitchens. Another attractive feature of oak cabinets is their durability. If you install oak, then you can enjoy your cabinets for years without considering replacement.


With a close, uniform grain that works well in a traditional or contemporary kitchen, maple is known for its versatility. Also, it ranges from a light cream color all the way to a darker reddish-brown.


Perhaps the most elegant option, cherry is also the most expensive. It’s very hard strong and able to resist warping over time. One great feature of cherry cabinets is their tendency to darken, giving your kitchen a dark, serene beauty through the years.

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