Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

As a trusted provider of full kitchen renovations throughout Bucks County, PA, FINE Cabinetry Kitchen & Bath Co. knows there is an extensive list of options when it comes to remodeling. Pull or knob? Silver or bronze? Small or large? Kitchen cabinet hardware is more than aesthetically-pleasing decoration; it keeps your cabinets clean and protects the finish. While hardware is a relatively minor feature, it can have a significant impact on your kitchen’s look and feel. But with virtually limitless options to choose from, how can you select the best hardware to make the most positive impact? Take these things into consideration before making your final cabinet hardware selection.

Knob or Pull

You’ll have to consider both form and function here. Pulls are easy to use, give you more space, and allow you to have a firm grip. Knobs might make less of a statement when used exclusively, although modern design trends skew towards a healthy mixture of both. Consult one of our design experts to achieve a unique, functional balance when you want to dress up your pull-out drawers and cabinets.


We recommend you maintain the same finish on all of the hardware throughout your kitchen, even if you choose different styles in different places. Look to the metal accents in the vicinity to achieve this harmony, including your faucet, lighting, and appliances. The type of finish you should go with largely depends on your cabinets. For example, warm-toned cabinets tend to pair well with bronze, gold, or black hardware, while gray cabinets tend to look best with silver or pewter hardware.


Other design elements can help you determine the right style for your kitchen hardware. Look to your cabinets, countertop edges, and lighting fixtures for squared or curved lines, and select hardware that matches. Curved hardware tends to be more traditional, while square styles feel more contemporary.


Appearance is rendered meaningless if you’re going to dislike using the hardware! Think about how you move about your kitchen. If you’re fast-paced in cooking your meals, you’ll want to choose hardware that isn’t difficult to manage or feels uncomfortable overall.

For additional information about our kitchen design services in and around Bucks County, contact FINE Cabinetry Kitchen & Bath Co. today!

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