Choosing Between Modern & Classic Kitchen Designs for Your Next Remodel

When deciding on a kitchen remodel, one of the most crucial decisions you must make is what  kitchen style you are looking for. Although there are many styles from which to choose, they all derive from two basic roots: classic and modern. When we think of classic designs, we usually think of things that will never go out of style, while modern designs evoke a contemporary aesthetic that is style and art. Think of these two design schemes as the paintings of da Vinci and Picasso, respectively – both painters produced beautiful artwork, and their styles continue to be imitated today, but da Vinci used the classical style, while Picasso worked with bolder colors and more abstract conceptualizations.

We at FINE Cabinetry Kitchen & Bath Co. provide our clients with the best kitchen remodeling services in Bucks County, PA, because we value their preferences and design choices and seek to inform them of the options they have when planning and redesigning their kitchens. Below are a few examples of the differences between classic and modern kitchen designs. 

Classic vs. Modern 

Take a look at the differences before deciding on the future design of your kitchen! 


Classic kitchens typically use rounder, organic shapes that make the room warm, inviting, and traditionally pleasing. Modern kitchens move in the opposite direction, opting for sharp, straight lines with obvious angles and blocks for a cool, clean, and handsome finish.


Classic designs call for classic materials, including hardwoods like oak, pine, cherry, and maple, and marble, while modern designs call for modern materials like stainless steel and glass.

Shelving & Cabinets

Open shelves and cabinet/drawer paneling dominate the classic kitchen. Although there is plenty of cabinet space, classic designs aim for visual appeal over storage efficiency. For the most part, the opposite is true for modern kitchens. Paneling and open shelving are usually avoided; instead this design favors efficiency without sacrificing aesthetics. Everything has its place. 

Colors & Patterns

As we mentioned before, classic kitchens utilize organic shapes. They also go for floral and cozy patterns along with pale and earthy colors and tones, reflecting natural bounty. Modern designs are more minimalist and sleek, favoring bold colors and contrasts over patterns. 

In addition to these two general kitchen designs, there are a few others that should be mentioned, including farmhouse and country cottage, which move towards the outer edge of classic for a pleasingly pared down and unpolished aesthetic. Modern style can usually stand on its own, but its outer edge can be cold and impersonal, so the inner side is more favorable and adds some warmth to the room. Exposed pipes, beams, and brick can add some more character to the sleek and efficient style. Finally, we have the transitional style. This style is a blending of both classic and modern styles that is more or less the manifestation of successfully fitting a square peg in a round hole. 

When choosing the style best for your home, trust the kitchen and small bathroom remodeling specialists in Bucks County. For more details, call us today!