Painting, Refacing, or Replacing Kitchen Cabinets; Which Option is Right for You?

Are your outdated kitchen cabinets marring your enjoyment of the room? If so, consider remodeling options for kitchen cabinets that take antiquated fixtures from drab to fab with ease. This fairly quick and straightforward option for giving your kitchen an on-trend look may be as simple as adding a coat of paint, but cabinets with dated styling may require a bit more effort with refacing. However, if you want a totally fresh option, replacing outdated cabinets by using our kitchen design service in Bucks County may be the makeover your home requires. If you want help deciding which option works the best for you, read on to discover some of the pros and cons of each one. [Read more…]

Features That Homebuyers Look for

If you’re planning to sell your home in the near future but know it needs some updating or renovations first, there are two areas of the home that should command your attention: the kitchen and bathrooms. Dollar for dollar, the money you invest in these spaces will come back to you at sale time. That’s because updated kitchens and bathrooms sell houses. If you’re planning some changes to these rooms, be sure to keep in mind what house hunters are looking for when it comes to kitchen and bathroom designs. [Read more…]

3 Reasons You Should Remodel Your Kitchen This Year

2020 may not have been the fresh start we all wanted so far, but the year still isn’t a waste for home renovations. While we offer everything from the kitchen sink to bathroom design in Bucks County, PA, today we’re focusing specifically on full kitchen renovations and why you should start the process today.


Kitchens have an awful habit of not utilizing space to their advantage. Whether it’s a small kitchen feeling too cramped, or a larger one that feels oddly empty, a functional kitchen renovation will help make the room reach its full potential. For kitchens that feel too spacious, incorporating an island or other aspect to your kitchen can make that extra room filled with additional utility. Smaller kitchens need to balance functionality and emptiness to keep it feeling spacious. If you feel like your kitchen fits either of these tragic situations, a remodel is in the cards for you. [Read more…]

4 Tips for Adding Personality to Your Home This Year

Your home shouldn’t feel like every other house on the block. Avoiding the cookie-cutter aesthetics and instead of bringing your style throughout the house will make a huge difference. Today, we’ve decided to break down four different methods of bringing your individuality into a home, from kitchens to living rooms to bathrooms. 

Creative Kitchen

Kitchens are one of the easiest spaces to keep devoid of personality, but that stops now. Considering all of the passion and creativity that it takes to bake and cook, it is only right to incorporate that same level of love into the kitchen itself. Whatever your style is, integrating it into your kitchen can make a kitchen feel like an extension of yourself rather than just a room to grab food from the fridge. Through either small accents like dishes and towels, or going so far as to request our kitchen remodeling services in Bucks County, PA, the room can genuinely become individualized. We recommend incorporating a pop of color within your kitchen. Red tones work great as a warm, inviting choice to bounce off wood tones in the cupboards, while cooler tones like blues and greens can play off the grayscale of many countertops and backsplashes. [Read more…]

How to Maximize Space in a Small Bathroom

If you’ve ever hired a kitchen remodeling company in Bucks County to work on your home, you already know that remodeling can be a chore if you don’t do the proper planning. However, the reality is that whether you had your home built specifically for you or bought a house that was already constructed, some spaces won’t be optimal for how you actually use it.

While the kitchen is the place most people immediately think of when asked about inefficient space, the bathroom can create just as much of a problem. Bathrooms that are too small and poorly designed can add frustration and stress when at home, and that’s one of the last things anyone needs.

If your bathroom is too small for you, here are a few ways to make it work better for you: [Read more…]

How to Know It’s Time for New Cabinets

People have different views about replacing cabinets. Some get excited by the prospect, while others worry about the headaches that come with finding the right kitchen remodeling company in Bucks County. But somewhere between those who have a shoebox full of different kitchen designs in their closet and those who are content to use their cabinets until they fall apart is a fundamental question: How do you know when you should replace your cabinets?

The good news is that the answer can be broken down into a few different criteria. When thinking about whether you should replace your cabinets, it’s best to consider how functional the cabinets are, their condition, and your personal preference. [Read more…]