Are Custom Kitchen Cabinets Worth It?

View of kitchen with grey custom kitchen cabinetry and island.

Custom cabinetry is often seen as a luxury when it comes to home improvement projects. However, it offers many advantages over stock cabinets when it comes to kitchen remodeling projects that many people don’t think of from the start. Custom kitchen cabinets have benefits that can add a lot of value to your life and your home because of the high-quality materials, the levels of customization for the doors and drawers, and a lot more. [Read more…]

What is a Breakfast Nook?

Breakfast nook with tulips as centerpiece

If you’re looking for a way to get more enjoyment from your kitchen, a breakfast nook is an excellent choice. At FINE Cabinetry Kitchen & Bath Co., we provide exceptional kitchen remodeling services to give you the kitchen of your dreams. Designing a breakfast nook can give your family a space to enjoy meals together and much more. [Read more…]

Tips for Making Your Home Age-Friendly

senior couple sitting on couch together

You may not think of your home as an obstacle course that you need to navigate to get things done. However, as you get older or begin to experience mobility issues due to injuries or other conditions, you may find that everyday activities require more effort. Making your home age-friendly can help you move about with ease when you may not be as agile and strong as you once were in the past. Universal design strategies can prepare your home for your future, allowing you to age in place while maintaining what you love about your home. Consider the following adjustments to keep your home safe and easy to navigate. [Read more…]

How COVID-19 Has Impacted Home Remodeling Trends

remodeling trends

From new ways of working, socializing, schooling, and shopping, COVID-19 changed nearly everything about the way most people live their lives — and as a result, they’re spending more time at home than ever before. Home interiors have become offices, schools, gyms, theaters, professional kitchens, and more, and home remodeling trends have evolved to reflect today’s new normal. Even though there’s finally some light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, some of these shifts in lifestyle are probably here to stay for the foreseeable future. Following are just a few of the main trends that we expect to continue well into the 21st century. [Read more…]

Painting, Refacing, or Replacing Kitchen Cabinets; Which Option is Right for You?

Are your outdated kitchen cabinets marring your enjoyment of the room? If so, consider remodeling options for kitchen cabinets that take antiquated fixtures from drab to fab with ease. This fairly quick and straightforward option for giving your kitchen an on-trend look may be as simple as adding a coat of paint, but cabinets with dated styling may require a bit more effort with refacing. However, if you want a totally fresh option, replacing outdated cabinets by using our kitchen design service in Bucks County may be the makeover your home requires. If you want help deciding which option works the best for you, read on to discover some of the pros and cons of each one. [Read more…]

A Look at Some of the Latest Trends in Kitchen Remodeling

It has been a year of adjustment for all of us. With the pandemic currently preventing us from enjoying our favorite activities, many people have begun spending more time at home. One of the most significant changes to our daily habits is the inability to eat out. Whether it was your favorite restaurant or the local sports bar, more than likely, you are missing the fun of enjoying eating a meal in public. [Read more…]

Features That Homebuyers Look for

If you’re planning to sell your home in the near future but know it needs some updating or renovations first, there are two areas of the home that should command your attention: the kitchen and bathrooms. Dollar for dollar, the money you invest in these spaces will come back to you at sale time. That’s because updated kitchens and bathrooms sell houses. If you’re planning some changes to these rooms, be sure to keep in mind what house hunters are looking for when it comes to kitchen and bathroom designs. [Read more…]