6 Ways to Take Advantage of Your Bathroom’s Space

Typically, though not always, the bathroom tends to be one of the smallest rooms in the house. However, that never seems to prevent us from trying to store as much as we can in our bathrooms as possible.


Earlier this year, we at FINE Cabinetry Kitchen & Bath Co., the premier source for a full kitchen renovation in Bucks County, PA, published a blog about simple storage hacks for tiny kitchens. In this post, we’re going to be switching the focus over to bathrooms with this list of neat hacks and tips that can make your bathroom’s storage capabilities soar.








  1. Shower organizers


Shower organizers can be a perfect way to free up some of the space on your bathtub’s edge. They are easy to hang from your shower rod, plus they can also protect your soap and shampoo bottles from becoming grimy.


  1. Tension rods


Install a tension rod beneath the cabinet under the sink, and use it for hanging spray bottles. This will create almost double the usable space and will keep the cabinet from becoming cluttered.


  1. Adhesive hooks


Sticking a few adhesive hooks on your bathroom walls can be a fantastic way of storing hair brushes, blow dryers, and perhaps a bathrobe. Adhesive hooks can even be used for hanging a supply basket or two.


  1. Basket shelves


Speaking of baskets, try taking some smaller, inexpensive baskets and turning them on their side inside a closet with the open ends facing the door. This way, you can store toiletries and other supplies both inside the baskets and on their tops, instantly creating more shelf space.


  1. Old drawers


Have some old dresser drawers lying around? Have them painted to match your bathroom decor and mount them on the wall, and presto: you now have an extra shelf!


  1. Storage step stools


Have young children at home? Their toys can take up quite a bit of bathroom space, not to mention the step stool they use to reach the sink. Consider building a hollowed-out step stool with steps that double as openable lids: you could use it for storing any of your kids’ favorite bathroom toys.


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