5 Tips for Finding the A Great Bathroom Color

As a leading provider of bathroom renovations and kitchen design services in Bucks County and surrounding regions, we understand how hard it can be to choose a color that will do your new bathroom area justice.

That’s why we’ve pooled together some expert knowledge from our interior design team and collected tips to help you make an informed choice when deciding on the color of your new bathroom.

Balance Quirky Selections With Neutral Colors

If your taste falls towards quirky tones, such as shocking pinks or electric blues, then go for it – but choose a neutral color as a balance and a base tone. An example of this might be a duck egg color working as a counterpoint on bathroom walls or as a color for tiles. Fabrics and furniture can be the aesthetic stars while the neutral wall or tile colors tie the whole room together.

Use a Color Wheel

If you are uncertain about what colors will go together for your new bathroom, pick up a color wheel. Colors that lie opposite one another on a color wheel will complement one another. Colors next to each other are analogous. If you need a good background, you can turn to a color wheel to help influence decisions when you are working on the interior design for your bathroom renovation.

Mix Two Neutrals Together

A neutral color scheme is hugely gratifying and can create an atmosphere of peace and calm in a bathroom area. If you are planning on mixing two neutral colors, try and distribute with a 70/30 split. We often recommend gray and white as an understated combination that looks interesting together, without creating a dull environment.

Use Organic Shades

Soft pastel combinations typically create combinations that help to give a bathroom area an organic, natural vibe. These types of colors can soften hard geometric edges found in modern bathroom materials. Squared shower units can also become more balanced with the introduction of light pastel walls or units.

Draw Inspiration from the Rest of Your Home

What accent colors are used in your general living space? These would be a great option to use as a dominant color in your bathroom. Rooms will still maintain their own identity, but your house will now have the benefit of an overall design flow.

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