4 Ways to Prevent Mold in Your Bathroom

A mold infestation is perhaps one of the worst situations to deal with in a bathroom. It can be difficult to get rid of and hard to detect, and we often don’t notice the hazardous problem until it’s already gotten out of hand. The best way to deal with bathroom mold is to take preventative measures to stop it from even happening in the first place, and with vigilance and diligence, it’s very possible to never have to have a figurative and literal headache addressing a mold problem.

  1. Don’t Keep Your Hygiene Products in Your Shower – Let’s face it: most of us are guilty of this one. It seems convenient to keep our soaps, hair cleaning products, and loofahs in the shower where we’re going to need them. The unfortunate reality is that these things provide excellent conditions for mold to grow and flourish undetected when left in a wet shower. You don’t have to store all of your hygiene products outside of the bathroom, however. Keeping your bottles and applicators in cabinets or shelving is typically good enough to deter a mold problem from popping up while still keeping everything you need convenient in reach. If your bathroom is lacking in the shelf department, then looking for a bathroom designer in Bucks County could be the solution required to not only prevent mold but to give your bathroom better storage space and visual appeal.
  1. Wash and Replace Your Shower Curtain Regularly – Shower curtains are highly prone to developing mildew if not cleaned or replaced frequently, and if neglected, the result can be quite gross. When picking out a shower curtain, it’s just as important to consider how easily it can be cleaned and how easily you can detect mildew growing at the bottom as much as it is to consider its design. An even better solution is to get rid of the shower curtain altogether. Walk-in glass showers have grown in popularity for the past several decades and for a good reason. Glass doesn’t accumulate mildew the way that shower curtain fabric can, and glass is far easier to clean. If both style and cleanliness are your priority, then consider a walk-in shower for your bathroom remodeling project. 
  1. Keep Your Household Humidity Low – If you live on the east coast, then you know how oppressive the humidity can get most of the year. Unlike our distant southwest cousins, we have to constantly worry about the damage and filth that humidity can inflict on our homes. Some houses are well ventilated enough for indoor humidity levels to not be of much concern, but many older homes aren’t so lucky. If humidity is a regular problem in your home, then either purchasing a dehumidifier to put in or near your bathroom or upgrading your home’s ventilation and air conditioning altogether may be vital to stay clean and mold-free.
  1. Use Your Bathroom Ventilation Fan – Though not all bathrooms have a ventilation fan installed, it’s a necessity to have one. After taking a shower, it’s recommended to leave your fan running for at least 30 minutes to remove all the accumulated moisture in the air and on the walls, ceiling, floor, and surfaces. If your bathroom, unfortunately, does not already have a ventilation fan installed or has one that isn’t quite performing like it used to, then investing in installing a new fan may be ideal to keep any potential mold problem at bay. 

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