4 Tips for Surviving Without A Kitchen During a Remodel

As the leading provider of kitchen design services in Bucks County and nearby regions, we know how hard it can be to survive without a kitchen during a renovation.

It can be unsettling to have your food preparation space and cooking area turned upside down. However, it’s a necessary part of waving goodbye to your old kitchen and opening the door to the kitchen area of your dreams.

Eating out every night can be expensive; therefore, we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you survive while you wait for your kitchen remodel to be completed.

Set-Up a Temporary Kitchen Area

Plan ahead by setting up a temporary kitchen in an area of your house that contains a sink if possible. This could be your garage, utility room, or basement. Before your kitchen renovation provider disposes of your old cabinets, ask them to move them into your temporary kitchen. This will also provide ample storage space for items while your new kitchen is under development.

Track the Progress of Your New Kitchen

Create a bulletin board within your temporary kitchen space to track the progress of your remodeling project. Take photographs and create a checklist so that you can mark off each step of the job. This will help to provide an actionable timeline and will help you to plan ahead for the end goal. Remember to be patient, as a professional kitchen renovation could take time to create the best possible results.

Plan Ahead with Meals and Storage

We recommend storing commonly used kitchen items in clear plastic containers and labeling them accordingly for ease of access. Also, pre-cooking and freezing your favorite meals will save time on cooking and make them easier to defrost in the microwave. This could save a small fortune on takeaway meals or restaurant prices.

Schedule You Renovation for the Summer

It makes sense to schedule your kitchen renovation for the summer months. This way, you can make the most of the excellent weather and cook using an outdoor barbecue. Alternatively, summer is a great time to prepare picnics and enjoy lunch with friends or family out in the backyard. You’ll barely notice the fact that there is limited access to a kitchen if you prepare and eat your meals in the garden.

For more information and to schedule a full kitchen renovation in Bucks County, PA, this summer, just browse our site or fill out a contact form.

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