4 Interior Design Trends Going Out of Style – Finally

Just like the fashion trends of the catwalks in Paris and Milan, interior design is an ever-changing element of modern life. Unfortunately, many homeowners work so hard to get that Pinterest-perfect, HGTV-inspired home designs, which make their houses look newly-flipped and soulless, while others have found their interior style over a decade ago and refuse to get with the times. Either way, interior design has hit the point where outdated and carbon-copied rooms are hampering the creativity that we all possess and pigeonholing the style market.

Fortunately, we at FINE Cabinetry Kitchen & Bath Co., the go-to company for interior style and modern kitchen and bathroom designs in Bucks County, PA, have developed a list of interior design trends that should be surgically removed from America’s homes and replaced with original style and personality.

Gray on Gray on Gray

Gray has been the neutral color of choice for so many years, that it’s hard to know just when it began. And it’s time to make a change! We do concede that gray is an excellent color from which to build a room, but the issue is: gray everything is comparable to an always-overcast sky. Without a variety of colors, especially warm tones, all-gray room decor just looks drab, cold, and mechanical.

The Writing on the Wall

Word art on walls is still a thing, but it really shouldn’t be. From large, intentionally-faded wood letters in the foyer to vinyl faux-calligraphy decals in the living room, wall words force you and your guests to read cringe-worthy cliche sayings or unnecessary descriptions of what you do in the room (i.e., “LIVE” in the living room or “EAT” in the kitchen).

For the love of all things aesthetically-pleasing, let’s lose the signage and use color, pictures, and creative furniture and room layouts to write the message for you.

Pictures. Pictures Everywhere.

Okay, so maybe you took our previous advice about pictures too literally, or perhaps your parents used to do this in your family home, but it’s 2019 and gallery walls are out. Family photos, small art prints, and posters pockmark the walls of many a home with cheap IKEA or Target frames. Let’s face it – these frames collect obscene amounts of dust and fingerprints and overwhelm and distract your guests from any individual image. On a highly-populated gallery wall, that picture of you standing with Tom Hanks could potentially get overshadowed by that black-and-white of Marilyn Monroe from Some Like it Hot, and we know that’s not what you want.

Instead, let’s go for one large image that makes a big impact, like a charcoal sketch, watercolor, or a high-resolution picture professionally stretched on canvas.

Microwaves Looming Over the Stove 

The final interior design trend we believe needs to go may make some homeowners unhappy – but trust us, it’s time. Over-the-stove microwaves have been the space-saving staples for homebuilders for a long time, but does it actually look good? Interior designers vote, “nay”! Microwaves are clunky and ugly in general, but, when they are located above the cooktop, we can add “inconvenient” and “inefficient” to the descriptors. Ever try to remove hot soup from a microwave above your head? What about sauteing vegetables or pan-frying steak without a full-size hood vent to take out the smoke?

If saving space is what you need, an under-counter microwave is a great way to preserve counter space while not subjecting yourself or your guests to a boxy eyesore.

We at FINE Cabinetry Kitchen & Bath Co., are committed to providing the best interior design advice and services, including professional kitchen and bathroom makeovers in Bucks County, PA, to our valued customer. For more information on interior style or to request a room overhaul, call us today!

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