3 Things to Consider When Planning for a New Shower

Finally getting around to remodeling your shower can be a very exciting project. So many of us are stuck with dull showering setups with uninspired rectangular box-shaped tubs, an unappealing need for a shower curtain, and hardly any decent lighting. There’s so much to put into consideration when figuring out what your dream shower or tub might be before setting about bringing it to life. Here are just a handful of things you ought to make sure you don’t overlook when making your plans.

  1. Size – Alright, so the space you have to accommodate your new shower or tub is undeniably the most important factor in your overall considerations. Is your bathroom reasonably spacious enough for a large, open bathtub or spacious shower with seating if that’s your consideration? Maybe you have a rather cozy sized bathroom and would do better with a more compactly sized glass-enclosed shower. Whatever your thoughts, it’s important to make sure that your idea can actually fit in your bathroom. Of course, there’s always the option of expanding your bathroom to be more accommodating of your ideas and you’d be surprised how much you can pull off with a well thought out floor plan and assistance from experts in bathroom design in Bucks County
  2. Lighting – A shower that you can’t really see well within isn’t all that useful — I think we can all agree on that. So then the question is, how would you like your shower to be lit? Is natural lighting an option via an existing window or skylight? Is it reasonably possible to install either of those things in a way that would benefit your shower? If the answer to both is no, or you simply aren’t looking for that feeling of exposure in your shower, then a specialized ceiling light right above your shower would be the way to go.
  3. Shelving – Shelving is something more likely to be overlooked, but it’d help to put some thought into how you want to about keeping various items inside your shower, if any at all. Consider if you would prefer removable shelving space you can hang from your showerhead or attach and remove from the wall with ease, or if you’d prefer a permanent setup built directly into your shower wall. Of course, once again available space is important to factor in to make sure you still have room to move about easily. 

Naturally, there’s much more to consider from there from sliding doors and glass frames to technical components like drainage and the showerhead. Fortunately, there are bathroom renovation experts who are trained and experienced in assisting in bathroom design and renovation. FINE Cabinetry Kitchen & Bath Co. has been providing services for bathroom design and kitchen remodeling in Bucks County for decades with exceptional flexibility when it comes to customer wishes, preferences, and budget. If you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen or bathroom sometime in the future, then give us a call now!