The 3 Most Important Features for Millennial Home Buyers

Millennials are no longer kids and teenagers! The generation of 92 million millennials is now making strides in their careers and starting families of their very own. That means that before you know it, millennials will be dominating the real estate market. As a generation of digital natives, millennials love to research and plan before they make any major purchase — and you can bet they won’t settle for just any old home.

Are you thinking about putting your home on the market? Make sure you highlight these millennial-approved features! 

  • An updated bathroom. To millennial homebuyers, a gorgeous bathroom isn’t just a nice feature — it’s an absolute must-have. Millennials consistently rate the bathroom as one of the first things they look at when they’re touring a home that they’re considering buying. If your bathroom is still stuck in the 70s, investing in some bathroom remodeling services in Bucks County can help your home sell faster and for more money!

  • Tons of kitchen space. To millennials, the kitchen isn’t just a place where they cook food. It’s a focal point of the entire home as well as a crucial entertaining area. As you might expect, millennials want a smooth, open kitchen design with plenty of cabinets and storage areas. A kitchen renovation in Bucks County that adds more storage will reduce clutter and help your home appeal to a younger demographic.

  • A dedicated workspace. As technology continues to rapidly advance, more and more millennials are ditching their commute and working from home. Homes that have a dedicated workspace are appealing to millennials because it allows them to imagine themselves working from the comfort of their home. Whether it’s an old office or a renovated nook in the living room, stage your home to show off its endless work-from-home possibilities!

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