2019 Top Kitchen Design Trends

To help you get started on bringing your kitchen remodel ideas to life, our leading kitchen renovation contractors in Buck County, PA, would like to shed some light on a handful of the top kitchen decor and renovation trends for 2019. In fact, below are just some of the things you should know to plan the kitchen of your dreams this year!

Concealed, Clever Storage

One of the top trends you’ll be seeing this year is hidden storage. Homeowners gravitating towards hidden and clean integration in kitchen designs are interested in sleek styles with maximized, clever storage solutions.

Pewter and Gunmetal Hardware

The little details matter and the finishes of your hardware can easily change the feel of your space. Pewter and gunmetal are not as harsh as matte black or as “average” as brass or gold, but it gives fixtures some texture and depth.

Open Shelving

A trend we see lately is replacing upper kitchen cabinets with metal, wood, or glass shelving. This may be inspired by hotel and high-end retail spaces, but it adds an overall bold statement that many homeowners want to make. For a chic industrial option, try forged iron shelves that are both edgy and elegant, as it’s a modern, stylish way to show your wares.

Contrasting Textures

A combination of sleek finishes and contrasting textures can take a kitchen to a whole new level. Mirrored backsplashes with highly-polished chunky marble countertops or cupboards with textured bronze inlays and matte cupboard fronts give urban glamour vibes. If you’re not ready to make a huge leap with contrasting textures, organic or handmade tiles can be used as backsplashes to add a subtle touch of texture, and their tones can fit all sorts of styles.

Unique Sinks

Kitchen sinks have definitely come a long way, so there is no need to stick to the traditional styles that have been around forever. Sinks today are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials. Rugged sandstone, warm copper or colorful granite sinks (especially in brown or black) are beautiful earth choices. Deep basin sinks or marble also make a statement. The options are endless!

High-tech Upgrades

The times are changing, and kitchen appliance manufacturers are keeping up with all the innovative technological advances. There are light switches that can turn off when you wave your hand in front of them, outlets with USB chargers for phones, and even “smart” refrigerators with an embedded camera that takes a picture of the contents inside the fridge every time the door is closed. Maybe one day you’ll have a robot to do your cooking, but for now, these additions can make a big difference in your space.

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